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We have an abundance of Hogs at the Ranch. Some have very large tusks and have topped the scale at 300lbs+. We are the newest & largest Hog hunting ranch in NE Oklahoma.

These hunts include an AM hunt, Midday Spot & Stalk, & PM hunt. These are 100% guaranteed opportunity hunts. We can hunt Hogs year-round and with any weapon you choose.

We have comfortable ladder stands and box blinds that will accommodate 2 people. This allows for both Bow and Rifle hunters. If a hunter(s) prefers, we can even do a spot and stalk style of Hog hunting.

There is a minimum of 2 people on a 1-day hunt.

Other services available:

  • Skin & Quarter  - $40 each

  • Cape & Quarter  - $100 each

  • Add any Hog (under 75 lbs.)  - $1 per pound w/ $50 minimum

  • Add any Hog (over 75 lbs.)  - $225

*Discounts given to groups of 4 or more

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